Building His Branding Empire is What Made Renzo Guevarra Win in the Game of Life

luisjorgerios ⚜️
2 min readDec 10, 2020


Realizing that he wasn’t going to succeed in life with what he learned from college and conventional wisdom, Renzo Guevarra focused less on his prestigious Engineering and Computer Science Degree and began building his Branding Empire under the mentorship of entrepreneurial heavyweights Taki Moore, Sean Ferres, and Russell Brunson.

In doing so, he managed to achieve levels of income, impact, and personal freedom that could’ve only dreamt of as a child.

Renzo, on top of all his consulting clients, has dedicated his life towards helping online coaches build an elite brand and turn that brand into their next high-paying clients in record time.

Trials and Errors Before His Big Break

Before he became the founder of a six-figure agency, Renzo had a trial and error period in his life to see what career path will take him to the top.

He first tried starting up a social media marketing agency in the summer of 2019 to no avail. He then tried Gary Vee garage sale flipping but ended up getting scammed $900 on eBay.

After months of practicing high-income skills such as copywriting, closing, and speaking, Renzo again established a social media marketing agency in April 2020 which amassed $10,000 later in June.

Surrounding Himself with the Right Company

Renzo now runs a six-Figure globally recognized marketing agency known as Growthology with his business partners Ibrahim Ansari and Jesse Malcolm.

“Environment is destiny. Who you hang around with and take advice from determines your success. Surround yourself with four people you want to be like, and you’ll be the fifth,” he said.

Aside from his partners, Renzo also developed the right mind and skill set to help him win the game of life.

“If you consistently have the right habits every single day and focus on the right processes, the results will come,” the young entrepreneur said.

Growing The Business

For the days to come, Renzo’s course of action is centered on scaling up their globally-recognized marketing agency from being a six-figure business to one that earns seven-figures.

He will also focus on building and developing relationships with his audience so he can inspire and transform thousands more.

Learn more about Renzo and his ventures by checking out his accounts on Instagram, and LinkedIn, his podcast, and Growthology’s website. You can also get free IG branding secrets from Renzo here.