Cutting Edge HR Practices for 21st Century Millennials by Emily Jaksch

luisjorgerios ⚜️
4 min readNov 7, 2020

By 2025, Millennials will make up over two-thirds of the global workforce, dominating every aspect of the human resources space. Yet there seems to be a lack of adequate training and support to prepare businesses, corporations, and enterprises for this new reality and leadership transition. The pandemic and changing workforce demographics have meant that HR consultants around the world are scrambling to connect the dots and develop solutions to these new challenges affecting the workforce. Of all the HR practitioners that I have met, none come close to Emily Jaksch with the evolutionary approach that sets her apart as a visionary disrupting the industry with innovative, research-based ideas and solutions to the HR challenges of our times.

A little about Emily

Emily Jaksch is the founder of HR Gurus and Generation Us and as HR thought leader in Australia she is pushing the boundaries of HR practices to new limits. She started off her career working in corporate HR for 11 years with some big hitters including the Royal Bank of Scotland, General Motors Holden, Wesfarmers, and HOSTPLUS Superannuation. Then in 2009, Emily saw a gap in the market for SME businesses that needed an HR function but could not afford a full-time HR resource. This concept has progressively expanded over the last 10 years and her solutions now focus on the evolving workforce challenges of the 21st century.

HR Gurus

Emily founded HR Gurus back in 2010 as human resources (HR) consulting business for the SME market and that entity has not only grown it has now morphed into a ‘leadership coaching’ business offering business transformation and culture change services. SMEs have been the drivers of the economies of many nations including Australia. Small and medium business is the biggest employer in Australia. Most of these enterprises don’t need a full HR function or do not have a budget to hire HR staff, but they definitely have HR issues. This is where HR Gurus comes in offering a wide range of outsourced services including a popular Virtual HR Manager that allows businesses to benefit from superior HR management support without having to employ a resource directly. This solution allows a business to access scalable flexible HR support at a fraction of the cost of hiring.

HR Leadership, Coaching, and mentorship

HR leadership is increasingly getting the attention of business and corporate leaders as a properly engaged and motivated workforce drive productivity and growth. Emily has fully embraced this trend and diversified her business to offer HR leadership and management support in the form of coaching. The aim has been to build strong organizational systems for HR and to proactively anticipate and prepare organizations to handle emerging challenges.

Generation Us

Back in 2018, Emily launched a speaking and coaching business that focused on Millennials. She wanted to help employers and organizations get the best out of Millennial employees. To understand them better, Emily undertook a first of its kind research project titled the “Australian Millennial Workplace Study” and was able to debunk the notion and perception that all Millennials are selfish, bad with money, and terrible employees. She understood that all you have to do is look to the many Millennial rainmakers that have disrupted industries and shaped the world in the past 10 years and you can see that this generation is largely misunderstood and misrepresented. Take Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook or Nick Molnar, an Australian who founded Afterpay, the founders of Uber, Airbnb just to mention a few. These companies were all created by Millennials for Millennials but we are all using these products and services now.

Emily has created coaching programs for leaders who are managing Millennials as well as a coaching program specifically designed for Millennial Leaders. In addition to her many HR resources, she also wrote an E-book titled “Are Millennials the most misunderstood generation of our time.” It details what Millennials want in the workplace, what motivates them , their values, money habits amongst other things. Emily also launched a Podcast “Purposely” last year where she interviews inspirational millennials that have started businesses or are doing amazing things that are shaping and changing the world. It’s all about changing the narrative and bringing awareness to the change-making Millennials who we can all learn from.

It’s apparent that Emily Jaksch’s businesses don’t revolve around her anymore but they certainly evolve around her. Connect with Emily here to learn more about how you improve your workforce or access one of her coaching programs.