How Digital Creator P. Nigma Uses the Mysteries of Life to His Advantage

luisjorgerios ⚜️
3 min readDec 22, 2020

Life is full of mysteries and surprises. No one knows what’s in store for them that day let alone the following days to come. Among these unpredictable events are rewards and repercussions that help shape people into becoming the people they’re meant to be.

This is what digital creator, personal brand specialist, entrepreneur, artist, and podcaster Prince Eyo, or P. Nigma, believes in. Evident in his name, Nigma, he recognizes the unpredictability of life and does what he can to make the most out of it.

An Entrepreneur and Artist

Prince started his brand early in 2019 with an e-commerce store. Later, he branched out to other business ventures such as personal branding, podcasting, and music.

“I started writing from a young age and graduated from college with a mass communications degree. My degree inspired me to start a podcast with my long-time friend, Brian Leifer, called N.Cast Podcast which discusses topics on recent news, personal branding, and progression in today’s society as we head towards the future,” Prince said.

Since then, he was able to work with top brand names such as Dre Medici, Omar Connects, and Kanji Low. He has even had the chance to work with Billy Garton Jr., who manages a top-ranked podcast called Inspiring Your Aspires Podcast, in building his personal brand.

He also makes music that relates to his life’s journey and experiences, hoping that this can inspire others and help them get through tough times.

Presently, Prince is revising his e-commerce store called N.packs and hopes to release it by the end of 2021. He also has a single called “Go boy” coming out on Jan 8th, 2021, and another EP dropping next year.

“I also have podcast episodes coming out soon which will reveal all the updates about my store, singles, EP announcements, and other future plans,” he said.

‘Chase Purpose, Not People’

In building his career, Prince came up with the slogan “Chase Purpose, Not People” because he noticed that in today’s society, especially in social media, many people are looking for other people that they latch onto and benefit from in terms of money, status, exposure, and more.

“I personally believe everything that we need in life will come to us when the time comes but it will mean nothing without finding your own purpose for living. Once you understand your purpose, it will be to find what you’re looking for as an individual. Everyone has a purpose in this world and it’s our job as individuals to find that purpose,” Prince said.

The future is bright for P. Nigma with many missions to help his followers one thing is for sure he’s not slowing down. If you want to gain massive success as well, we urge you to follow his channels, below.

Learn more about P. Nigma through his Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter accounts. Also, check out his music on Spotify as well as the N. Cast Podcast on YouTube and Spotify.