How Network Marketing Became Andrew Logan’s Way Out from the Mundane

3 min readJan 14, 2021


Even though he started down a traditional path by studying well, getting a college degree, and worked hard for his future, Andrew Logan knew that there’s more to life than this.

“I knew I wasn’t built to just work, pay bills, and repeat. I knew that I had to change my approach and find a different path. So I set a goal of being financially free at 33 and started trying everything,” he said.

A week before he turned 30, Andrew found network marketing and eventually, his wheelhouse. Two and a half years later, he and his wife worked full-time in the industry, enabling them to leave their jobs and earn multiple six-figures annually.

“We have continued to grow our business, alongside property and stock investments to create a seven-figure annual passive income and freedom in our lives. I now want to show other people the step-by-step process to grow your side hustle, leverage and systemize it, then roll over into financial freedom,” Andrew said.

Through his book entitled The Way Out which features seven steps to achieve financial freedom through network marketing, Andrew has the means of helping others find their way out.

The Conversation that Changed Everything

Throughout his life, Andrew has had some very significant even expensive lessons along in his life from starting his own business to being a husband and a father. But one particular conversation between him and a friend of a friend made him realize something about the way he was living.

“I had just landed home from Canada, they were flying out back to Canada. But in that short meeting, through the conversation we had, I realized the path I was trying to forge wasn’t working. I was sacrificing time with my family and my own happiness trying to build someone else’s dreams. I was so caught up in keeping other people happy, that my own life was unhappy. Worse even, it was unsuccessful to that point. That night I went home to my wife, we had the deepest and most impactful conversation we’d ever had in our life, and the next morning we set about changing everything,” Andrew said.

In his new career, Andrew has had various mentors who each had their own impact on him. However, he and his wife get the biggest inspiration comes from the example that they set for their children every day.

“The drive and purpose we work with each day are what they will see and model. If we settle for a good life, we are showing our children they should settle too. I want them to grow up knowing that any dream is achievable, as long as you’re willing to do the work,” Andrew said.

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