How To Live A Purpose-Driven Life By Dr. Christopher Emdin

Many people fail to discover their full potential in life. Many care and are limited by what other people say or think about them. However, discovering your purpose in life and going for it can be the most rewarding thing. Dr. Chris, a young Texas dentist, found this and is now finding fulfillment in life, empowering other doctors and entrepreneurs to live their purposeful life.

Chris started as a reserved, insecure, but ambitious kid who grew up wanting to please everybody else but himself. The son of immigrant parents from West Africa that worked day and night to provide him the opportunity to grow up in an extraordinary neighborhood and earn the doctor of dental surgery degree from an elite school.

He graduated from dental school and had difficulties settling in the dentistry profession. The stress relating to initiating as a successful enterprise in dentistry practice was real until he discovered a coach who transformed his thinking and life approach.

Dr. Chris went ahead to buy and build a Texas practice, doing over half a million in sales and becoming the highest-reviewed dentist in his Texas zip code. In this article, he shares some tips on how to find satisfaction in life.

Finding a coach

After buying his practice, Chris challenged not knowing how to manage the enterprise, hire and lead staff, and market and attract clients to his enterprise. Understandably, with training in dentistry managing a business and team is a new territory altogether.

Until Chris got himself a coach, he went from doing $8,000 per month working six days a week to just under $70,000 per month, using only three days per week and having two staff. The transformation also meant happy clients and staff, and extra time to travel the world.

Do what you love that matches your highest value

Life has many competing priorities and distractions. You have to prioritize what is of the highest importance regardless of what anyone else tells you. Family, health, career, friends all are essential, but success depends on what you prioritize. Dr. Chris observes that school should not get into your way of education. You are unique and, therefore, should not be ashamed to live your purpose and highest values.

Follow your inner voice

The road to one’s dreams can be challenging, unpredictable, and long. What keeps you going, however, is the inner voice that urges you on despite the setbacks. In the words of Oprah Winfrey, “I have lots of things to prove myself, but one is that I can live my life fearlessly.” You, therefore, must elevate your voice and make it the loudest.

Dr. Chris decided to sell a successful dental office to pursue business, coaching, and teaching to overcome fears, unknowns, and doubts and found his purpose. You can learn more from Dr. Chris here



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