Meet Dana Baker The Resilient Passionate Fit Model Re-wiring The Fashion & Modeling Systems

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3 min readMay 10, 2020


Dana Baker

The fashion and modeling industry is one of the most vital sectors that generate a whopping $2.5 trillion in global annual revenue. However, these figures expect to drop amid a biting pandemic significantly. But what is the future of the fashion and modeling industry? Dana Baker has the best solution to this answer.

Who Exactly Is Dana Baker?

Dana Baker is a fit model whizz. She is an independent contractor who provides a service underwritten contract in the fashion and modeling industry. Her passion for modeling is what made her create her firm. To her, owning a fit model firm was a youthful dream come true. She got her inspiration from those she grew up with who wanted her to be a model. And guess what? Desires finally became actions. Besides, Dana has also competed in modeling competitions and emerged victoriously.

Her success in the modeling industry is as a result of her unique talent. This woman of power is photogenic and possesses an outstanding facial projection. Besides, her professional poses will make you stare with admiration. Dana has the right scene style and the ability to always look good. Fit modeling has helped her maintain her weight and measurements as well. To crown it all, this passionate woman has a positive attitude, excellent stamina, and good communication skills.

Little Known Facts To Survive In The Fashion & Modelling Industry

For many decades, modeling was the silent profession, but not anymore. That is why Dana is mentoring other models to understand that silence is violence. She is bringing back the voice of the fashion models and introducing them to the world of freedom. Dana understands the fact that becoming a model is not making people copy your lifestyle but rather showing them to be safe in their independence.

We talked to Dana, and here are some top secrets that you need to know to skyrocket your fashion and modeling business.

1. Brand Yourself Properly

Branding yourself will bring you awareness. No customers or clients want to associate themselves with businesses that are not correctly branded. Good branding will elevate your fashion business as well as build your loyalty. Customers will get attracted to those brands that share similar values with them. Good branding will make clients have an emotional connection to your fashion business. Dana brands target the plus-size industry because she considers herself to have a plus-size body type.

2. Learn to overcome your challenges

Nobody is going to come and overcome your challenges. You have to do it. This reality means you have to practice and train to deal with your problems. In the effort of branding herself, Dana faced a challenge where designers tend to focus more on a target market who wears sizes ranging from small to large. Therefore, it not only makes it hard to find cute clothing in her size and capacity to wear but also makes it harder for her to find clients to partner with as well. This challenge was a significant obstacle for Dana, but she has learned to overcome it continuously.

3. Solve the clients’ problem

What clients want is for you to satisfy their needs. Therefore as a model, learn to attend to your customers with a target of 100% satisfaction. Dana, as a fit model, has a goal to help the designers create clothes that fit correctly. It is common knowledge that no consumer wants to buy clothing that doesn’t fit. So Dana’s job is to help decrease items returns by using her body as a living manikin.

Final Thoughts

The fashion and modeling industry is the best place to be. All you need to do is take advantage of the work-life balance. Always put God first, have a good relationship with your family, and enjoy your career. Also, keep learning since knowledge is power. Therefore, if you want to grow, gain more wisdom by connecting to Dana Baker today.