Meet Nicolas Korvessis; Business Growth Partner

luisjorgerios ⚜️
2 min readFeb 23, 2023
Nicolas Korvessis

Nicolas Korvessis is the founder and CEO of the Scale Lab Group; a strategic growth partnership organization that helps coaches, consultants, and brick and mortar companies grow their businesses through paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube. Korvessis grew his company through sharing his personal knowledge and building connections and is now working with companies bringing in anywhere from five to eight figures. Korvessis thrives due to his dedication to operate with integrity; sharing “We are upfront. No bait and trick. No crazy guarantees.” Korvessis knows there are a lot of agencies out there who don’t necessarily follow through with their promises, and he takes an honest and long-term approach in order to create a strategic program customized to each client.

What Sets Him Apart

Korvessis and the Scale Lab Group are not just a marketing agency; they are dedicated growth partners who are passionate about long-term relationships and creating a specified plan for each business. They are experts on generating predictable results for the present and future months to come, using proven strategies for any and all types of businesses. The Scale Lab also utilizes a playbook that helps businesses identify which strategy works best for them, including them in every step of the process.

Korvessis also exclusively hires from within the United States, sharing “We purposefully use American employees so that we can better understand and serve our clients. We over communicate on purpose.” Communication and transparency are key in how the company is run; offering an abundance of services. They specialize in ad creation and management, hitting growth targets, increasing online presence, data analysis, growth consulting, and media promotion.

Get Connected

For those interested in working with Korvessis at the Scale Lab Group, he can be located at his company website as well as his Instagram page.