Mompreneur Candaz Candi Walker SkyRockets To Success

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3 min readNov 9, 2020

A True Female Leader

Are you looking for some hair inspiration? We all know that the right hairstyle changes the entire look, makes you feel confident, and gives good vibes every time. Walking on the streets, posing for Instagram pictures, or anything that you need to look at your best.

Many people wonder, how these celebrities get their hair so perfect? Well, there is the exceptional talent behind it, giving a unique look with an ideal hair design. The best hairstylists in America and the world work with their passion for their taste, which offers a signature look and set new trends in the market.

We came across the famous hairstylist known for giving stunning looks and achieving fame via social media platforms. She is today’s “Mompreneur” handling business. Raising her three children Maitae’, Victoria, and Jace, she has had massive responsibility. Single-handedly with confidence grown to be the top-most hairstylist influencer. Candi is the proud owner of the Hair Candi Hair Extension Factory (Salon/Hair Extension Seller) and a non-profit organization called Empower Her Network. Candi’s goals are dedicated to encouraging people and making people feel good from the inside out.

Famous Hair Stylist, Mompreneur Candaz- Candi Walker

HairCandi4U is one of the most sought-after Master Hair Designer, Blogger, Influencer, and Entrepreneur.

She loves to travel, dress in stylish fashions, workout 6 times a week, and create new experiences for her children. Being a hairstylist, she knows how to work with a celebrity’s style and tailor their cut and color for a signature look. She started her amazing career modeling in beauty pageants as a model and turned into the famous hair designer and founder of a hair candi hair extension factory. This led her to venture into other parts of the industry. Candi started her career as a model when she was a teenager, and how she uses social media with the right effect, and this has always helped her achieve massive success.

A Life-Changing Year

Candi has come a long way from the 2018 disaster, where she suffered a devastating divorce, lost everything, and became homeless. Candi had nothing in hand to support herself and her family. Her years of experience and confidence helped her gain her name and fame in life. To bounce back from a point so challenging and to be able to master a craft and be an example for others is an astonishing achievement.

Humble by nature, hardworking, and very much focused on what she wants. With her life experience, she is encouraging other women to live life independently, with confidence.

This moved her to start the nonprofit Women’s Group Empower HER Network. It is a weekly Teleconference every Wednesday at 9:30 pm and is a safe place designed for women to come and share about the daily stresses of life.

This celebrity’s future is bright

The world today as it stands is full of change. One thing we can tell you for certain after learning from this celebrity hairstylist and more importantly a female leader is that you can never give up, nor surrender. That, if you fight for your dreams like Candi, you too can live a life of success. We look forward to seeing where she will go next.

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