What Challenges Baptiste Monnet Went Through That Made Him A Good Entrepreneur That Helps Others Optimize Their Minds

Life isn’t always an easy journey. There are times when it poses challenges that test our mettle but also help us develop into people who can make a change for both themselves and others. Just like how Baptiste Monnet worked through the challenges early in his life.

He grew up in Châteauneuf-Conthey, a town located near Sion in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. But his birthplace was actually in Ang Thong, Thailand where he stayed in an orphanage until he was two and a half years old before his adoptive parents took him in.

“I arrived in Switzerland in 1997. At that time, I met not only my parents but also my sister and brother, both of whom were also adopted. I always say that on this earth, we all have our own story. It belongs to us and it is our most beautiful jewel,” he said.

Playing His Own Boss

Baptiste’s adoptive parents had their own business, but unfortunately, he did not have the opportunity to benefit from that education. But that didn’t stop him from forging his own path and working towards his dream of becoming a boss.

As a child, he loved to take on the role of the boss without even knowing the exact definition of a boss. And as he grew up, he worked on his creativity and strived to become his own boss.

“I have been rejected and failed many times. But every attempt has been a learning experience. Besides, I am a learner in life. It is a process and not a snap of the fingers,” he shared.

Years have passed and today, Baptiste’s hard work has paid off as he is now the co-founder of a women’s clothing brand and the founder of a brand called Boost Mind.

Helping Others Increase Their Mental Capacity

Baptiste’s brand called Boost Mind aims to bring people together and open them to different methods that could sharpen their mental capacity. The concept is to help people hone their mental skills and go against the norms by putting their minds at the top of the priority list.

The motto of Boost Mind is to bring all people together who are active in their daily life by sharing other beliefs, facts, and ideas.

With Boost Mind, Baptiste aims to empower people’s minds that will lead them to a life full of optimism. Moreover, his brand also allows its clients to gradually become skillful thinkers.

Get to know more about Baptiste Monnet and his business, Boost Mind, through its Instagram account (@boostmindofficial).




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