What Led Nikola Maharajh to Establish Unity Underwear Co.: An Environment-Conscious Brand That Values Comfort

luisjorgerios ⚜️
3 min readJan 18, 2021

For years, Nikola “Nik” Maharajh was looking for the perfect underwear. He went from brand to brand to try to find something above average yet sustainable. Alas, he couldn’t.

He eventually grew sick of this scenario as he was not the type of person who settles only for average. Nik considers himself a serial entrepreneur with a newfound passion for making eco-friendly & comfortable underwear.

“Other brands were always made from similar fabrics, packed in way more plastic than necessary. I knew this is something that could be improved on, and that’s when I got to work,” he said.

Nik worked on Unity Underwear Co. for nearly three years prior to releasing their product because he wanted to ensure the best durability and the perfect fit. In 2017, Unity Underwear Co. was founded by Nik in Winnipeg, Canada. From the beginning, the brand has always had the goal to remain as eco-friendly as possible without sacrificing quality or comfort.

“It’s no secret, we are proud that we have made Unity Underwear from 95% bamboo fabrics, the most renewable source on the planet. However, we’ve also made an effort to continuously adapt to be more eco-friendly every day. That is why we also use recyclable packaging, and now ship all our products with recycled mailers and eco-friendly packing tape,” Nik said.

Their Unique Selling Point

Unity Underwear Co. was founded with the goal to be an affordable, premium, and eco-conscious underwear brand.

“That’s where our values lie. We believe it is possible to still turn a profit with affordable pricing while being eco-friendly and providing a premium, quality product. That’s why we strive to have fair pricing for our customers and will not release any products before we know that is it of the highest quality that we can be proud of,” Nik said. It is important to remember that when you are creating a product that you want to sell, it should be something that you would use yourself. Not only this but a product that will make someone’s life better. Try to avoid making compromises that affect you being proud of what you’ve built.

He added that Unity Underwear has a nearly perfect ratio of switching customers over after trying. Despite being a new company, Unity Underwear Co. is growing rapidly and giving countless amounts of people the comfort they deserve.

“I am very proud of our fit and the softness of the fabric. The eco-friendly benefits are a bonus, as the product does not compromise anything in order to have these benefits,” he said.

Unity Underwear Co. has recently launched three new colors which they are excited for. Nik shared that there are many more products they have planned and are very excited about.

For more information, check out www.unityunderwear.com as well as its Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts.