Where Celebrity Real Estate Expert DJ Thielen Gets His Ability To Serve And Love His Clients!

Ask DJ Thielen; he will state that loving customers have positive results and make the day to day activities of being in business much more enjoyable.

Love The Clients

Many would agree that the entrepreneur’s burning passion for making a difference through their business is crucial.

Customers love businesses that truly care about them as a person. As an entrepreneur, it is a calling to love the people that make doing business possible. Love in your clients and excellent service is an investment that produces both returns.

The Teacher and Founder

DJ Thielen is the founder of Fortune Foreclosures and Flipping On Demand LLC. These companies have provided turn-key investment solutions in the real estate market for an incredible 13 years now. In that time Thielen has worked with hundreds of customers, sold over 3,000 properties, and is labeled the “Game Changer” for his mentoring of clients in their Home Flipping, Investing & Planning Strategies, and Cash Flow Investing.

Here is how he does it differently: Focusing and investing on taking excellent care of the current clients in the same way most businesses pour into investing and focusing on always getting new clients. Thielen notes that he has now built a culture and approach that focuses on their existing clients. Focusing on providing the best

services to the customers they already have enables them to gain repeat business, raving fans, and tons of referred clientele.

*His work has also led DJ and his team to have over 350–5 Star Reviews and recommendations…just check out his LinkedIn for reviews and Instagram for his influence“

The Greats

DJ stays humble about it, but definitely has an impressive list of friends and acquaintances that he is close to, such as NBC’s Secret Millionaire James Malinchak, An Array Of Pro-Athletes, and 10x Godfather Grant Cardone and his wife Elena Cardone, to name a few. They say we are the average of the five people we surround ourselves with, and it is no secret that we can see that with DJ. We can also apply this method to our life by following the teachings DJ sets out about life and business.


DJ notes that getting the business or sale is only the start: going over and above in the execution and delivery of products and services should always be the goal.

His goal has always been to WOW the clients, Furthermore, this sets him apart from others. Always be the giver, is an invaluable lesson DJ learned this from his mother. From an early age, he always loved helping people, and this is the attitude that he has taken to business. To scale his passion for sharing his knowledge, Thielen now runs an Elite Academy where he teaches others on Real Estate Investing, Creating Cash Flow, and How to Build their very own Real Estate Empires. He also hosts a podcast show, is a public speaker, played professional baseball in the San Francisco Giants organization, and has written two bestselling books.


DJ believes very much in manifesting our futures by controlling our thoughts and energy. He teaches and mentors his followers that negative views sometimes enter our minds, and that is ok. It is what we actually decide to believe as truth that can cause damage or lead to massive success and happiness. It’s vital to realize we have more control than we give ourselves credit for. Also to understand we have control over our emotions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and energy which is what we should focus on and not those things we have no control over.

From his humble beginnings being raised by a single mom, to building a real estate empire and rubbing shoulders with the greats, DJ’s story and teachings are incredibly inspiring. His legacy is still building daily, and as he always says “I’m really just getting started and more excited about the future than ever”.

To learn more about how to reach NEW levels of success in your Real Estate Investing and life, feel free to contact DJ here.





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