Where Entrepreneur And Stylist Keiana Armani Draws Inspiration For Her Head-Turning Pieces

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3 min readMay 27, 2021

Keiana Armani is an entrepreneur, creative director, fashion stylist, certified fitness trainer, and founder/CEO of Indigo Blue Style based in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. She and her team are committed to assisting women around the globe through products and information with a message of embracing their inner empress and living their best life by uncovering their truest form of self.

She has worked with the fashion industry’s leading photographers and fashion stylists. Her work has been featured in numerous publications, most recently Keiana was featured in Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, and Digital Journal. Keiana has also been credited by Essence for top street-style looks during New York Fashion Week.

Growing up, Keiana has always been in awe of high-end designer clothing. But because of her humble upbringing, she was prompted to recreate the designer ensembles. Yet this didn’t discourage her. Instead, she allowed this to become the avenue where she developed her personal, head-turning style.

Eventually, a deep love for styling sparked within Keiana and prompted her to create new, stylish looks. Now, she is using her talent and eye for fashion to build a Global Fashion and Lifestyle Empire.

Inspired By The Greats

When creating captivating pieces, Keiana is inspired by history and some of the greats who have left a mark in history for their fashion sense.

“As a fashion stylist and creative director, I love to use history as a guide to creating and styling editorials by tapping into the greats that came before me. It allows me to pay homage, push boundaries, and explore new creative heights,” she said.

Keiana added that studying fashion history has been her greatest tool and has helped set her apart from the other stylists in the industry.

Empowering Women

Indigo Blue Style was created by Keiana to empower women and help them realize their full potential.

“We do this by providing the latest fashion news, style inspiration, health, and fitness tips, beauty, and etiquette advice to guide each woman to a life of confidence–empowering the inner empress,” Keiana said.

Aside from creating head-turning styles for women, Keiana’s brand also has an international podcast called The Indigo Blue Empowerment Conversations which furthers their mission to inspire, empower, and educate.

“It is truly a gift to inspire so if we are granted the opportunity to impact just one person, to ignite their inner power, to embrace the inner empress then we have served our divine purpose. That is what I would like the Indigo Blue Style brand to be remembered for,” she said.

Keiana’s Brand also has products that assist women with building quality wardrobes by adding luxury pieces and fitness products to help women reclaim their bodies and live a healthy lifestyle. These products include Luxury Vintage Pieces, Health&fitness Products, Fashion Accessories, and Ebooks to which she has a new one coming soon entitled “Self-Love Guide”.

Get to know more about Keiana Armani through her Instagram account (@iam_keianaarmani) or visit @indigobluestyle on Instagram or through the website.